Monday, March 15, 2010

Nokia and Laptop Industry

It was February 26, 2009 when my sister texted me about it – Nokia entering the laptop industry!? I am not certain about her source. But, this idea is a good thing to watch out for. Nokia, a cellular phone giant, is making another step for digital mobility.

Come to think of it, Nokia’s first business was not even concerned about electronics. But, here they are now, trying to join the rumble of laptop rivalries. But, on the bright side, it is really possible for Nokia to grasp the success in this new venture. They already created reputable line-ups of cellular phones from basic to the computer-like handsets. They also boast the performance of their products. Likewise, unlike other mobile phone products I used, features of their products give justice to what is written on the flyers and pamphlets – less flaws and work as it should be, most of the time.

Perhaps, the major factor they considered to enter the laptop industry is the capability of their technology to develop a computer-like device. One of their product series is the Communicator. I saw a primitive Nokia Communicator in a book about basic computers. It was monochrome but features a computer-like abilities (remember, computer monitors are monochromes before). Same with the newer version of Nokia Communicator, it acts as if it’s a computer. Not just such series. They already produced numerous gadgets with what a laptop computer has to offer – from office productivity tools, multimedia applications, high-graphic games (I consider it a must-have, hehe), internet browsing, different mobile connectivity methods, higher-capacity storage devices and faster processor speed, to name a few.

So, Nokia to enter the laptop industry, why not? But, why just now? Well, what makes the computer stores hum and the cashiers busy amidst the global crisis? Netbooks! Am I right? Or wrong? Hehe. Well, I’m just suspecting it. First, it’s because of its cheap price. Second, it is small – so, Nokia can adjust just a little when it comes to size. And third, it has a big potential on the market. (Did I just say netbooks keep the computer stores humming?)

So, what am I expecting from Nokia laptops (just in case)? First, their laptops might be physically strong. I already dropped my Nokia phone many times – most of the time to be more specific, hehe. So, their laptop might survive a daily drop on the ground (if it is intended for me, haha). Second, their laptops might work as specified on pamphlets, with features of less or no flaws. Third, they have good after-sales service. This one’s possible with Nokia care (if they care to include laptops :) ). Hhmm, I can’t think of other factors, yet.

With this assumed news, I am including the first Nokia laptop on my wishlist. I already have ASUS EEE PC Laptop and Blue Digital System's Lithium Laptop on my list. I’m now thinking about the name of the Nokia’s first laptop series. Will it be a Nokia L-Series? Or Nokia N-Series? (Stands for Nokia Netbook Series) Or Nokia 4444? (Did you noticed that there is no Nokia 4XXX?) Or, I will just suggest Nokia Sep Series (NSS)? Now, that’s a good one, hehe. I’ll update you if this thing comes up. Or, better yet, update me here at Sep Chronicles. Thanks again for flexing your arms and moving your eyeballs as you keep on reading my chronicles. :)

Update! Nokia finally released their netbook, now available in Europe through O2 and in US at Best Buy. Last time I checked, it was priced at Php35,000! Quite expensive, huh. But, let's just wait for Nokia push the price to the ground. Or at least make a lesser version.

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