Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pokemon Crystal Update 001

Who's that pokemon?! Are you one of the people who are infected with pokemon fever? Well, we are not the same. I'm just slightly affected. ;) I used to ignore that cartoon until I found the Visual Boy Advance game, which is the Pokemon Crystal. I have been playing this game for a couple of months now and it really steals my time.

At this time, I have exactly 128 different kinds of pokemon - both the original specie and the evolved. I am still in the Johto League. However, I already visited Kanto League where I got more phone numbers of fellow trainers. I already battled with one of the Elite Four, however, I was defeated. That is the reason why I still develop my pokemons, so that I am ready for them the next time I decide to battle Elite Four. I also wonder why they are called Elite Four when they are composed of five trainers. ;)

On my last game, I was bored. Nobody called me for a battle and Team Rocket is not active. Unlike before, they invaded the radio tower at Goldenrod City. I traveled from Violet City to Route 32 before the Union Cave. So, next time I will be entering Union Cave for the nth time and see if Anthony, the Hiker, have something for me. But, I think there's nothing because he did not called me yet.