Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Coach

Whether you like it or not, these people wanted to start a new career... Hehe, just joking. I just intend to share these photos.

Friday, October 3, 2008

September 2008 Wrap-Up

The last quarter of 2008 has started. September ends. It means - September 2008 wrap-up! Yeepee! It means we have to wake-up Green Day, who sang, "Wake me up when September ends." But it's a bit late.

Finally, the first wrap-up of this blog is here. Hhmm, let me think what I should wrap, first, hehe. But, I would like to thank you for visiting this blog. Whether you're just lost, forced to visit, or you care about me (sob, sob. i'm crying now. tears of joy), I want to express my overwhelming gratitude :) .

For our clan, September is the month to get up, especially on emotional aspect. It is time to move on, even if something is stucked around our ankles, trying to stop us. (Masyado bang madrama? :( )

September's the month when Pamper died. It was the month when I had more time with my relatives, contrary to usual months. It was the month when I continued writing on my local blog to copy it on my online blog (to use it when I'm blogger blocked. was it the right term?). It was the month when I dug up my old things (hehe, anglalim kasi ng pinaglagyan :) ). My old things reminded me of my SOEP 2002 classmates.

September was also a sickness month. I was glad that I only had runny nose (perhaps, a good athlete, hehe). I was glad I was not affected with trendy sickness (uso, hehe, dapat yata epidemic, o kaya widespread) - dengue, cholera. Too bad, some close relatives were caught. We have to be very careful.

I also wrote about basic html last September 2008.

I also remembered to post Class Reunion - blogging about what reunion means to CIT Sphere. I also inserted some photos.

September was also the month when my Aunt went back home.

Aside from my local blog, I also tried to update my online blogs, including our group blog, CIT Sphere Organization Blog. You might want to read some of the post about a newbie blogger, a very basic html, and class reunion. Read also Sheng's contribution about CIT Sphere. On the bad side on the web, I'm still upset about stolen name of our group. But we still use the hard-formulated organization label. We used the nerves inside our cranium to have that name. Oh, past is past... and damage was done. I also found out that there are many Joseph Aquino in the world, this month. It's a challenge. But, it's impossible for me to excel in optimizing my own name. I think I'll change my name to asehfherfh. I think nobody wants to use such name. Ah, never mind. Who would search for such name? Haha.

Thanks again for reading this post. Are you looking for something else? You might want to leave a comment. :) Let me see, if I can do something about it. Adieu! What does that supposed to mean? Hehe. :)