Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blue Digital System's Lithium Laptop

Aside from ASUS EEE PC Laptop, Blue Lithium is one of the laptops on my wish list. The features are just enough for my document-creation and some low-spec computer games. I also think Blue Lithium can handle my daily computing session, better than my super-ancient desktop PC (an Intel Pentium 450-MHz-powered).

Though, I also spend computing sessions with a Gateway desktop (Intel Pentium II – 400MHz) and Dell GX400 (Pentium III – 799MHz). I know. I really do know. Do you know? Hehe. I mean, do you know how much I wait for these desktops to finish my tasks? Not that much. I only use office suites, not-so-demanding photoshop, basic dreamweaver and some application testing. I do not know much about 3D Max and any other animation development applications.

What do I expect from Blue Lithium? I have an average expectation from Blue Lithium and any other product from Blue Digital Systems. The brand name is not yet well-known and is not recommended by my colleagues. But, they don’t give it a bad comment, as well. It’s not because it’s a Philippine brand. I don’t look at a product that way. I just check the features and read reviews of the product. So, I don’t have a colonial mentality or nationalism in mind. I expect it to be light and really portable with good battery life. I am also expecting it to be better than the desktops I worked on. I also expect it to emit less heat. Its processor VIA C7-M 1.6GHz promises low-power consumption and the manufacturer also promises the same. Of course, I do not expect this thing-a-majig to do intensive computing and multimedia management. Anyway, I am not into that department lately.

And what attracted me to include it into my wish list? If you heard about global economic crisis, then you know one of the factors. If you say it’s not the price, then you are wrong because it’s really the price. Haha. I searched the Web and found it for only Php25,000! Then I saw it in a local computer store with a lower price. Second, the Optical Disk Drive included. I do not know, yet, how to install using USB. I am still a CD-install-man and I considered my unorganized files on piled-up CDs. I need to access them once in a while. Third, I considered its 12.1” wide screen LCD. My colleagues told me about using a laptop for long hours. Small screen is not suitable for long computing sessions. Other features are almost the same with other laptops – WiFi, Card Reader, 3 USB ports, etc. If all features are well, this is an optimum laptop when it comes to portability and performance.

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