Thursday, January 29, 2009

College Colleagues

Now that I am back in the academe, I am starting to miss the times I was with my college colleagues. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, let this pictures explain... and some captions, too.

CIT boys. Yakyakers is a subset of CIT boys, and CIT boys is a subset of CIT Sphere. Therefore, Yakyakers is a subset of CIT Sphere. Hehe. Matagal nang hindi nabubuo 'tong group na 'to ah.

One of my friends since high school. He was also a co-department in college. He took ComSci and I took Math CIT. So, there's a possibility that we can be workmates. :)

The BS Math graduates - Pure and CIT - along with the Chairman of Math, ComSci and ICT Department and some professors. Wheeeh, can I graduate again?

Stairway to the department... sep, xy, cors, dais, nel, josie, ronnie

Same location... proxy ko si Steph :

Monday, January 26, 2009


Ultramobile PCs are keeping the computer sales industry humming amidst the global crisis still soaring down at a significant rate. Who would have not noticed that? Yes, that! Both global crisis and the market value of UMPCs.

One of the early bird when it comes to real PC portability is the ASUS EEE PC laptop series - oh, even the system unit for ASUS EEE PC desktop is light (and bubbly? hehe).

So far, the screen size of this series comes from 7 inches to 10.2 inches. Some versions comes with SSD (solid state device) that promises to give you be safer than hard disk. You can also get an ASUS EEE PC laptop with an Intel Celeron 900MHz processor or an Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz - Now that's an attempt for optimized portability and capability. It goes with its tagline "Easy to Learn, Easy to Work, Easy to Play".

Having this in mind, ASUS EEE PC laptop is one of the laptops on my shortlists. As for any product there are pros and cons. Of course, portability is what this device boasts. Though, I cannot expect this little device to do most of the tasks I load to any PC, without a hang-up or anything related. Presently, I spend most of my computing tasks with a Gateway PC, featuring a 400MHz Intel Pentium II processor, wheew! Wonder how both of us survive our computing session? At my end, I felt like it does everything too slow. At its end, it hums like asking for a rest. Perhaps a rest in peace - or at least passing it to less demanding user, wahaha.

Aside from this PC, would you like to suggest something on my list? Include some full-featured yet cheap PC... I mean the price, haha! The comment is open for everyone. Thanks in advance. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sep Chronicles 2008

Sep Chronicles 2008 is a combination of usual and unusual episode in my existence. But, of course, you do not know what is either usual or unusual – it’s my first Sep Chronicles year-ender (or year-opener, hehe). As of this writing, it is 10:00PM, December 31, 2008. I am writing at home without internet connection. It means, I can not post it right away. But, if you are reading this, it means it is not one of the numerous unpublished articles saved on my super-ancient computer :) .

2008 is the year when I accepted a special assignment – a responsibility and a privilege in one package. There are about seven million people in the entire globe having this assignment. I tried to keep it up this year, but sometimes, I did not do my best in doing it. The good thing is, there is a way to go back on track. All I need to do is a good plan and how to implement the plan.

Sep Chronicles 2008 was unusually heartbreaking for our clan. I can still remember that 365 days ago (January 1, 2008) I woke-up at a hospital with my sister, watching over our grandmother. 2008 started with such circumstances. I had a chance to talk with my grandma – and it is unusual, especially embracing her at the end of our conversation. I am not that type. Somebody just sent her a hug thru me. But, whether you believe me or not, I was happy. But, I almost cried because I know she will be gone after some time. When she almost died, I cried even I know that she will… soon. Before the first quarter of 2008, she passed away. A worse situation happens. Another relative died unexpectedly. Reminiscing moments with her is painful, so I will just wrap it for a while.

2008 was the year when I realized the value of animals. I realized that they have been here for years to give comfort. It was the year when Tinker had two batches of offspring and Benshiro had legitimate offspring, hehe. The first batch (Benshiro’s) were Loglog (Logarithm), Shadow, Masha, and Pamper – that’s in order, by age! I saw Pamper came out from her mother. Believe me! I love them all. They are like pokemons from my pokemon crystal update! But, my most favorite was Pamper. Though, we have to give Shadow and Masha to our aunties. But, after some months Shadow died after eating detergent. After some months, again, Masha died because of loneliness, after our relative – who happens to be her foster parent – died. It was the time when her foster parent was situated to the cemetery. After exactly 15 days, Pamper was hit-and-ran and died of brain hemorrhage. Loglog was the only dog left. His dad, Benshiro, also died this 2008. Some foolish, merciless people hit him in the head to eat him. Though, we did not allow them to eat him. We do not know exactly who was responsible – their kabandaans seemed to cover them up – but we do have an idea. Some people act like animals – that’s a shame.

The second batch of puppies was born on November 19. I did not saw who came out first, so I do not know who the eldest is. So, in no particular order, they are Cimiento, Hollow, Palitada, Asintada, and Salandra. We are trying to take care of them, so that they will all survive. But, unlike the cuddly first batch, they are certified askals! Perhaps, they are like their father – and we do not know who he was. They breathe like askals, they smell like askals, they feel like askals and they act like askals.

Sep Chronicles 2008 was the first time that I stayed in Manila for almost a week just to apply for a risky job – a roving teller. Hehe. Okay, not that risky. After some weeks, a day came that they never called me up. So, I have to say, “Next” to welcome another employer, haha. I got that positive outlook thru an e-mail message. It says something like this, “Do not cry over a lost opportunity – the tears might blur the next opportunity in front of you”. Huhuhu. Toink! I shouldn’t cry. Whaaa!!!

2008 was also the year CIT Sphere gained a new member. You don’t know that, right? That’s because her profile is not yet on the beta site. But, we have one, really! I also redesigned the header of the beta site. The bad news for CIT Sphere was that, the organization name was stolen and was named to a web domain. (Grrrr! Nel, can you think of another term fit for CIT? I think you can, you already thought of sphere, hehe.) I also discovered the culprit, wehehe. I respect the person, so I can let it pass. Besides, I did not formulate the term sphere, it was Nel. :(

Hey, I almost forgot! Sep Chronicles was born this year! Sep Chronicles 2008 was also the first time I tried to generate an income thru blog. So far, I earned $1.29 this year. Yes! But, I cannot get it without earning $100. Toink! It is the same as not earning at all.

2008 was also the year, when I attended a free lecture hosted by the linux genius producer, hehe. I also got the chance to see the instructor who encouraged me to finish my studies. I felt like uninvited before one of the linux genius talked to me. But, I still felt like I don’t belong. Their brainpower is at the peak of human competence and my gray matter is below the mediocre level. No, I do not demean my poor self, again. I am just telling the truth and nothing but the truth, again.

More Chronicles 2008 statistics? Sent messages: 19,925 Receive messages: 15,935 (including the messages from Buddy Balance, hehe) Photos and Videos taken: 978 My weight: 103 pounds (I failed to gain substantial weight, I still resemble a toothpick) My height: 5’2” (that’s it forever – no more, no less)

It is now 11:29PM, December 31, 2008. Thanks for reading. :) Next year again. No. No! I don’t mean you are not allowed to visit this blog until next year! Haha. You can always come back for nonsense, messed-up, and out-of-your-world chronicles of a below mediocre organism named Sep. Simply Sep Chronicles.