Friday, March 6, 2009

Regional ICT Congress 2009 - Day Two

Finally, the long-wait is over. My summary for the second day is here! Oh, that's after a month. Remember? The second day was February 6, 2009. Okay, let's start.

The first day - Regional ICT Congress 2009 - Day One - wasn't enough to handle all of the scheduled speakers. So, the last speaker for the first day, delivered his speech on the second day. I supposed he was Mr. Cesar Tolentino - not sure, since I wasn't paying enough attention, sorry guys. He is the Research Director of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines.

A relative of one of the organizer also gave a speech. He was a former employee of Accenture. I think this part needs another post. I can do that after requesting for his slide presentation.

Next was Mr. Aurelie Alcantara Peralta. Presently he is a member of the faculty in Pangasinan State University, Urdaneta Campus. He is highly skilled in web development, employing various technologies in his projects. One of his projects, is the official website of Pangasinan State University.

As I can remember, he talks about current web designs. I can only remember some. I didn't learned my lesson from the first day - take notes! Back to the web designs, one of these is letterpress. In letterpress, some words, especially the title of the post or name of the blog appears to be pressed - it's self-explanatory. Magazine-like design is also widely used on many websites. So, the design resembles the common design of magazines - colorful background, more graphics, and looks like shiny. The other one is PNG transparency. This design uses PNG formatted photos which can handle transparency. As usual I forgot the others. I am encouraging others to share what I missed. I'll also try to contact Mr. Peralta for more highlights. Wheeh, I hope he'll feed me with useful information. Hey, I almost forgot the title! It's "Latest Trends in Web Development".

Lunch pack! Where is our lunch pack?!! My stomach was yelling those words at 1 PM. They haven't gave us the lunch pack, while most of the delegates are finished eating. I thought there is no available for us. My impatient side and humble side was in a conflict that time. Fortunately, our lunch pack arrived. Whaaa! I hid so that they would not see a voracious organism satisfying his hunger.

If the first day was graced by the singers, the second day was filled with loud cheers, pumping music, and super-duper-toink dancers. They really have the talent and some of them almost gone wild. Haha, or it was just my exaggerating gray matter. The dancers were from different participating schools. One that caught my attention (and, I think everybody's) is the girl from University of Pangasinan. He really made me laugh-out-loud. Four thumbs up for her. I'll just borrow my brother's two thumbs, haha.

The next speaker should be from Dir. Ponciano S. Catipon Jr. He is the current Provincial Director of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) - Pangasinan. That time, the topic was given to the OIC Dean of AMA Dagupan City. He is Mr. Randy Ventayen. The truth is, he delivered his speech very well. He tackled "Global Opportunities for IT Graduates and IT Businesses". I only heard the introduction, since I need to go home early. Hehe, it's not the curfew. But it's true, "strict ang parents ko," toinks!

If my gray matter serves me right, he stressed that we should, first evaluate ourselves on which area of study we are interested in and capable of. It's either on hardware or software (programming) side. Then, if its on programming, you should be highly-skilled on at least two languages. Highly-skilled on few languages is better than basic skills on numerous languages. In time, as you master the programming languages of your choice, you can easily handle the basics of other languages. Then you can decide to have intensive knowledge on that "new language" you've learned. I was hit by this idea. I tried to study anything that interests me. But it ends up nothing at all. I think if they ask me, "What programming language do you know and at what level?" I think I would say, "Uhm, Visual Basic 6.0 at the basic level". Toinks, that's very basic!

That ends the Regional ICT Congress 2009 - Day Two. However, some ideas still deserves another post. However (another one, hehe), I think I have to wait for the next "Latest ICT Trends and Technologies" and incorporate it to this one if it still applies. I can't wait for next ICT Congress. But, two-day congress is not enough to tackle all the latest... and as a realization, when it comes to the information generation, the latest will change overnight. As you close your eyes later and opened it tomorrow, there will be new trends and technologies. We can't discuss a one-day new technology, even for a lifetime. So, our resolve is to consider the breakthroughs in ICT Trends and Technologies.

Uhm, let me suggest. The next theme will be "Level Up for Region 1 with Latest Breakthroughs in ICT Trends and Technologies". Okay, you can ignore it, haha. Anyway, there are many better ideas there. Besides, I don't plan to join the organizing team of the next Regional ICT Congress.

Agyaman! Hope this post helps your craving. :)


  1. There are a lot dead links in the official site of Pangasinan State University. Before talking at the regional ICT congress about web development, the webmaster should have made sure first his area of responsibility is working well before publishing it in the net.

    AVM- psu alumna

  2. That's a good point - a major point to be considered... Other than web designs and all those new trends, the bottomline should be, there should really be a "development" from that "web development" and it should be FUNCTIONAL.

    Thanks for your comment! :)