Thursday, January 29, 2009

College Colleagues

Now that I am back in the academe, I am starting to miss the times I was with my college colleagues. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? So, let this pictures explain... and some captions, too.

CIT boys. Yakyakers is a subset of CIT boys, and CIT boys is a subset of CIT Sphere. Therefore, Yakyakers is a subset of CIT Sphere. Hehe. Matagal nang hindi nabubuo 'tong group na 'to ah.

One of my friends since high school. He was also a co-department in college. He took ComSci and I took Math CIT. So, there's a possibility that we can be workmates. :)

The BS Math graduates - Pure and CIT - along with the Chairman of Math, ComSci and ICT Department and some professors. Wheeeh, can I graduate again?

Stairway to the department... sep, xy, cors, dais, nel, josie, ronnie

Same location... proxy ko si Steph :

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