Friday, September 19, 2008

A Newbie Here

Welcome to Sep Chronicles – a personal blog of Sep. I will discuss here any of my interests that might also be your interests. As for these interests, I have typical ones. From movies, music and computer games to web-surfing, cartoon series, digital photography, electronic gadgets, others’ blogs, stories, etcetera, etcetera. Most of all, you can read about my views on some ideas or concepts – whether it is of great importance or not. ;)

Regarding movies, I usually rent or borrow a videodisc than to see it on movie theaters – I have never been to a movie theater, as I know :) . To date, I appreciate A Walk to Remember, Blue Moon, Jumanji, Gladiator, and Spirit. Why I want to see these movies at home? I can do whatever I want and choose any food other than popcorn. Whahaha!

Music. I want to listen to Backstreet Boys’, Mandy Moore’s, Aaron Carter’s, Blue’s, and Michelle Branch’s sort of music. I also listen to different genres like alternative, rhythm and blues, and ballad. But, I am not an avid fan of anybody. I don’t go to concerts, buy their memorabilia or have their posters in my room (toink, don’t have my room, eh). I just buy music albums to listen to their music. Right now, I only have five original music albums (not pirated ;) ). I bought those two (Backstreet Boys’ Black and Blue and Never Gone special edition packages, that’s value for my money, hehe). The other two came with a special edition cassette tapes (Blues’ All Rise and One Love). The last one was given to me (Avril Lavigne’s Let Go). My PC and MP3 player satisfy my cravings for listening to these tunes.

Computer games? Whoa! Got one? Well, I am entertained with popcap games – Zuma, Feeding Frenzy, and more. I also enjoyed playing the Pokemon Crystal using Visual Boy Advance Emulator for PC (surely enjoyed after playing the game for seven straight hours). I think there are more games to come. Though, I don’t play games similar to Counter-Strike and even online RPGs – games that are too violent or too expensive.

My web-life includes my online community accounts – Facebook and Friendster. Too bad I don’t post it anywhere since I only add people I personally know, for now ;) . I am also working on a website that serves as a lounge of my course-mates. I also created a blog for it. I wanted to start more and more online community sites, but I am not sure what for or when will I start. Perhaps, to meet new friends and I will start as soon as we can have our Internet connection at home (so, it means ‘never’, hehe). But, I am not so active on the net. On average, I log-in thrice a month. Some months, I never visit the net. Perhaps, having this blog may change that scenario.

I also love to watch cartoon series specifically Avatar: The Last Airbender (tada! sound effect yan ;) ). I also enjoyed watching Pokemon. I don’t like Naruto very much as other cartoon series enthusiasts do, but it’s a fine cartoon. I am watching it sometimes. Since I cannot always catch Avatar on television, I just bought a DVD (sorry guys, nothing but a pirated copy). Unfortunately, it’s incomplete. So, I have to watch it online (angmahal pero, kasi nagrerent lang ako, toink). I got excited when I saw original DVDs... but got disappointed again when Book 1 has five DVDs, as I can remember. How could an entire Book 1 of Avatar can fit into one pirated DVD and not on original DVD? Hhmm...

Digital photography is just a newfound love (wheeh, in-love ako ;) ). Before, I used to shot photos using our analog Canon camera. Now, using my digital camera, I snapshot at almost anything – the printed photos (mostly an output of my analog photographs), my pups, the sky, the moon (oops, halatang lunatic, hehe), anybody, and myself (no choice eh). It’s worth the time. I don’t really have a passion for it but I’m lovin’ it, hehe. Thanks to my Sony Digital Still Camera S700 (DSC-S700)! Thanks to the Philanthropist (tama ba?) who gave it to me. ;)

Anyone has interest on electronic gadgets, just like me. Be it a cellphone, an mp3 or mp4 player, portable gaming systems, or a digital camera, everyone has reserved a space in their brain (or am I dreaming? oohhww). I have the basic cellphone, a basic mp4 player, and a basic digital camera that push my interest even to the high-end gadgets in town.

Interest on others’ blogs helped me come up with an idea to make a long-lasting blog (hope so). A blog that I can update more often than my past website projects. Hhhm, I am thinking of reviewing other blogsites here. I browsed a blog about a corporate woman’s life and interest – it is full of information, as the writer is full of interesting qualities. The other one is about anything, and he writes his own article (i.e. all-original, sikat na itong blog na ito nafeature na sa Blog-O-Rama ng Manila Bulletin, pati yong blogger sikat). The other sort, is also anything-under-the sun. Though, it’s not all-original. But, it’s useful for computer students. Actually, I wanted to see more sorts of blogs.

Although, I am not a good writer, I still write stories. Sometimes, without much lessons to learn (pampagod lang ng mata, haha). I wanted to learn writing better stories and I want it to learn by myself instead of reading a book about it. I wasn’t paying much attention during our Writing in Discipline subject. So here’s the result, hehe.

And what about etcetera, etcetera? Don’t ask me. I am about to discover it, yet. As for you, thanks for reading this post. I really appreciate it a lot. As for me, hopefully I can return next month for an update, whahaha. I am also hoping that I will have the spirit to keep this blog up-and-running. Bye y’all! Oops, that wouldn’t make it. I mean, later y’all! Hey, don't forget to leave a comment. ;)

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