Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to Create a Kapamilya Account (so that you can vote for #Vanjoss later)

Step 1: Go to and select LOGIN located on the upper right of the page.

Step 2: On the LOG IN page, look for SIGN UP link and click it.

Step 3: Fill-up with your E-mail Address, First Name, Last Name, your preferred password, and the same password on the "confirm password" input box. Note that both input box should have the same strings of text.

Likewise, click the checkboxes for CAPTCHA, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

Step 4: Open your e-mail inbox and look for the verification link from ABS-CBN. If link is not sent, just click RESEND VERIFICATION.

Step 5: Go to LOG IN page and input your username and password you specified during sign in.
You may click the checkbox "Keep me logged in" so you won't panic before the voting lines open later this evening.

Step 6: After logging in wait for the voting lines to officially open and click the picture of Vanjoss Bayaban.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

Some Things Graduates Should Consider

This might be too late for this year, but let me just share some ideas you can bring with you. I'll just leave it raw so you can digest it as it is.

+ Never stop learning.

+ Do not trust easily.

+ Do these three things - that makes you healthy, that earns money, that you love.

+ Begin your retirement as early as having your first job.

+ Think before you commit.

+ Be proactive.

+ Respect everyone, including yourself.

+ Acknowledge diversity.

+ Uncertainties are certain.

+ Be contented, but not satisfied.

+ Define your own happiness.

+ Love yourself. Befriend yourself.

+ Know your rights and what is left on others if you exercise it.

+ Appreciate what you have.

+ You are an individual with your own path, your own story and your own goals. You are unique in so many different ways. ~ Fitz Gerard Villafuerte

+ Uhaw sa kaalaman, mapanuri, handang magkamali kapalit ng karunungan. ~ Pan De Vera

+ Don't focus on the problem, focus on you. ~ Jun Pasion

+ Lastly... Pick-up the gold, avoid the shit.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Finance 2.1.0 How do I Increase Funds

From the previous section of this series, I wrote about the ideas I gathered from different people feeding me with delicious financial literacy. But, I guess one of the important things to do is to apply what is learned. Practice what you preached Рas the clich̩ goes. So, since somehow I am telling you: hey, there is a need to increase your funds Рthen I have to tell you what fits to my situation, somehow.

Personal Condition

I am currently trying to obtaining a degree in education on Mathematics as a fulltime student. I received some allowance due to, seems like, a study-now pay-later program. I also need to accompany some family members. Ending? It’s difficult to look for part-time job, still. I do not have the luxury of time, still. So, I have little options to increase my funds.

Cutting Costs

From the options I wrote on the previous section, Finance 2.0.0 Increasing Funds, cutting costs is the only thing I can do – and think of. There are some steps I developed. I based this from ideas I read on Peso Sense and project management. Basically, project management tells me that I need to know something before I decide. Thus, I know for certain that the first step is to monitor my expenses.

Monitoring Expenses

When I was still working, I used to wonder where my salary goes. Everytime I read my contract where my annual salary is written, I just cannot figure out where those money went. So, after about a year of being broke I decided to monitor my expenses.

On the very first month, which is on August 2016, I list expenses almost daily. Sometimes, I do it on weekends. The problem? I used to forget some details. Thus, there is still a large amount of money I am not certain where it goes.

Make a Decision based on my Expenses

With that, I saw the need to record my expenses daily. Sometimes, I jot it on my phone right after I let go of any amount – it’s a dramatic one, haha, it’s like I am separated from my pet dog. Kidding aside, this made me think before spending. I also have enough time to do financial hacking, especially if I can’t avoid eating in a fastfood or carenderia – value meal will not always give you optimum value. My expenses reflect my lifestyle – if it is in bad shape, then my lifestyle is in bad shape. If my lifestyle is in bad shape, then I have to reshape it.

Where Do Broke’s Money Go

Being broke for a couple of years – and monitoring expenses thereafter, leads me to some simple ways to cut some costs. For transportation, I usually planned ahead my route to save. A one-week tasks out from home can now be done in a day if the weekly schedule is carefully plan. I don’t go just somewhere on an impulse. On food, just like what was stated, I am doing financial hacking. If there’s an option not to include drinks, then I do ala carte or at least don’t upgrade on drinks. I also don’t fall into “value meal” or “upgrade for less” marketing, easily. If I have to go to malls or buy groceries, I just buy what’s on the list since those items are already carefully thought of. I also found a way to control myself in buying things in sale which I think I need in the future, say next month. I know for certain that sales, especially pay day sale will happen in the near future again, and again. Likewise, since I don’t have a job that pays me, then I know “pay day sale” is not for me.

Revisit my Expenses

After adjusting, there will always be room for improvement. I always check the biggest financial hole and try to adjust again, and again. The monitoring also shows my progress. It does not only give me an idea about my lifestyle or where to cut expenses, it also serves as my inspiration and motivation to continue the road to financial freedom, or at least away from financial disaster.

In A Nutshell

So, this is what I do to cut cost:

  1. Monitor Expenses
  2. Make a Decision based on my Expenses
  3. Where Do Broke’s Money Go – Implement what has been decided
  4. Revisit Expenses – to adjust further and to be motivated to move forward

Remember that whatever you do to increase your funds, your goal may not be attained for a short period. In my case, for nearly two three years I still adjust for the optimum financial life. Always go back to your reason of increasing funds. The more valid it is, the stronger your motivation will be. On the next section, here at sepchronicles, I will be sharing one of the humps of finances – debts. I will be sharing my ideas on managing debts (still uncertain if I’d go for eliminating debts, but there are similarities, anyway) and how I manage my own debts. See you on the next section.